High Performing People and Stress – The Impact on Your Health

High Performing People and Stress – The Impact on Your Health
by on November 15, 2017

They say that in order to achieve peak performance, you’re going to have let stress into your life. This may be true, but those high-performing people should know that they’re going to pay a price from their health to get there.

This is what you need to know about stress and your health…

The headline figures of stress and your health:

  • 43% of all adults currently suffer some form of adverse health issue caused by stress
  • 75-90% of all doctor’s visits are caused by stress-related complaints
  • It is estimated that stress related illnesses cost the economy $14.81 billion every year
  • It is estimated that stress related issues directly cost Australian employers $10.11 billion a year
  • 50% of permanent emotional disorders are, in fact, untreated stress reactions

Stress related health problems to consider

If that wasn’t frightening enough this is a list of health problems caused by stress. See if you’ve ever suffered from some of these issues:

  • Headaches often known as tension headaches because they arise from the stress held in muscles
  • High blood pressure the more stressed you are, the faster your heart beats, the higher your blood pressure goes
  • Heart problems because the more your heart beats the more work it has to do
  • Diabetes may also be triggered by stress or even caused bu it
  • Depression is often an issue directly relating to the stress levels in somebody’s life
  • Even skin conditions, asthma and arthritis may be caused by or worsened by stress

Stress and your mouth

You might not believe it, but the truth is that in addition to the big health problems caused by stress that we’ve already examined, there are a bunch of dental and oral health issues caused by stress too:

  • Canker sores, which are small spots with white or gray bases with red borders, can appear in your mouth when triggered by stress
  • Cold sores, if you have herpes simplex then outbreaks may be triggered by stress
  • Tooth grinding, a lot of people express their stress by grinding their teeth which can cause serious long-term damage to their teeth
  • Neglecting your oral health, the effects of stress can often make it hard for us to focus on the small details in life. Even things like brushing our teeth or flossing can suddenly seem like too much effort

What to do about stress

If you are stressed the two best things you can do tackle the issue (if you can’t escape the source of stress) are to get more exercise and to eat a healthy, high-fibre, diet.

If you find that stress is causing any serious health condition you should visit your doctor to see if there are additional treatments or forms of support that can help you get better. You do not have to suffer in silence when you are stressed.

If you have dental health problems which may be linked to stress then please come and talk to us, as your dentist we’ll be happy to advise you on how to keep smiling in the face of stress.


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