Beyond twice-yearly cleanings and the occasional filling, most people avoid seeking out cosmetic dental procedures. The chief reason: their perceived cost.


Exposed to its price points solely through the media, they hear about nightmare scenarios where a patient needs to have their entire mouth reconstructed, resulting in a bill well into the five figures.


In real life, these treatments don’t cost nearly as much.


Cosmetic procedures cost less than you think?


The biggest mental roadblock people have regarding cosmetic dentistry revolves around cost. In reality, the prices of cosmetic dentistry procedures in Australia are low enough to allow most people with a decent paying job to afford them.


Set aside a portion of every pay-cheque into a savings account and you’ll soon have a reservoir of capital which will enable you to easily pay for teeth whitening or a crown without much stress.


Insurance might pay for some procedures


Have private dental insurance or a workplace plan? Despite thoughts to the contrary, you might be able to get a procedure covered.


Speak with a dentist about your needs. They will work with your insurance company to partial or complete coverage for a specific treatment.


From crowns to bridges, many cosmetic

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